Tradebe Scotoil

Scotoil have operated Scotland’s premier onshore facility since 1982, that is authorised for the removal and disposal of NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) scale, gaining a reputation for compliance, safety, project management, waste management and technical expertise, all of whichh.

Tradebe Scotoil has gained vast knowledge and experience giving our customers assurance that their NORM requirements are dealt with compliantly, safely using best available technology (BAT) and in compliance to the environmental waste hierarchy for waste disposal.

Informed by decades of practical experience, we support two key areas, –

  • Oil and Gas Decommissioning
  • Oil and Gas Production

In addition to our market leading Aberdeen facility, Scotoil have the flexibility to undertake DECOM activities at a number of UK quaysides, providing the capacity to simultaneously handle multiple decommissioning & waste management projects.

With our breadth of services, customer focused approach, Scotoil add value by offering bespoke, compliant, tailored solutions that minimise risk and provide efficiencies.

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