Safetec UK Ltd

Safetec is a leading, independent consultancy providing risk management, waste management and environmental consultancy and asset performance expertise to the energy industry. With an integrated approach honed since our inception in 1984, Safetec has the expertise to support clients through the energy transition.

Focusing on technical safety and waste management, Safetec’s decommissioning services account for over 60% of the UK team’s O&G related revenue.

Safetec’s technical safety decommissioning services include: safety case management; comparative assessment; formal safety assessments; regulatory compliance; SIMOPs reviews; re-boarding hazard identification and risk assessment; manpower deployment studies; and unplanned material change management.

For decommissioning waste (materials) management, Safetec offers development and implementation of Materials Management Strategies (MMS) designed to support Operators in executing their waste Duty of Care and achieving project materials management targets. Safetec’s MMS are aligned with OEUK’s decommissioning WBS, enabling clarity of materials management roles and responsibilities during each stage of decommissioning.