RAZOR Oiltools Limited

RAZOR Oiltools Limited is a service company providing intervention and P&A solutions to the global oil and gas industry, RAZOR is developing the RAZORBOSS plug and play platform of intervention tools. RAZORBOSS is a unique, non-explosive/ non lithium downhole linear force generator capable of delivering from 30,000 to 90,000 lbs of force envelope dependent on the tool size required for the application. RAZORBOSS currently delivers the RAZORSET adapter for plug, packer, patch, straddle setting, the RAZORPUNCH & RAZORBLADE adapters for punching tubulars for circulation or equalisation, the RAZORRAM adapter for fishing of stuck objects or valve manipulation. Our latest product is the RAZOR RPLUG which is a compact retrievable bridge plug.

Our latest product is the RAZORCUT, a tubing cutter which can be conveyed on either slickline or Eline and, as with all RAZOR products, in non-explosive/non lithium.

All services can be run on either memory or SRO.