Port of Blyth and Thompsons of Prudhoe

Port of Blyth is an offshore energy focussed Trust Port with a well-established reputation for providing first class support to the decommissioning sector.

Thompsons of Prudhoe are deconstruction, waste management and recycling professionals with considerable experience in the oil and gas sector.

Together, The Port of Blyth and Thompsons of Prudhoe have formed a partnership to operate a fully permitted 2.3-hectare decommissioning facility at the Port’s Battleship Wharf Terminal in Blyth.

The Port and Thompsons of Prudhoe are focused on offering safe and professionally managed solutions at competitive costs to the offshore decommissioning sector.

With a strategic location on the east coast of the UK, the partnership is offering facilities for decommissioning across the Northern, Central and Southern North Sea sectors.

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Thompsons of Prudhoe: Website