Expressions of Interest

Conference Workshops – Call for Expressions of Interest

With the growing decommissioning market a steady feature in the UKCS landscape, our focus now turns to driving efficiencies in the sector to reduce the overall cost of decommissioning, in line with the Oil and Gas Authority’s target of 35%.

The conference will provide an opportunity for industry to share its significant achievements in reducing cost across the scope of decommissioning and aid discussion around potential solutions for further efficiency improvements.

This year’s event will also include a series of workshops designed to encourage delegates to identify where potential opportunities for further cost savings lie. We are therefore inviting expressions of interest from individuals or companies who feel they can make a direct contribution to any of the four workshop topics:

Well Decommissioning

Well decommissioning represents proportionally the largest estimated cost across the decommissioning scope. It should therefore present the most significant cost saving opportunity. Where will these cost savings come from? Are we doing the right things to take the industry to lower cost P&A?

Managing Liability

Long-term liability has been cited as a blocker to innovation in both decommissioning methodologies and execution models. Strategies for managing liabilities ‘in-perpetuity’ are being discussed and plans are being developed between owners and regulators. What role does the regulation around liability influence the cost outcome? What can be done to deliver owner’s obligations for the management of liabilities? Is there a role for specific financial instruments or the insurance industry in managing the cost?

Operational Safety and Risk

Regardless of cost, late-life and decommissioning operations must be delivered to the highest standards of health, safety and environmental management. How is this being achieved? Are there areas of concern emerging? Where are the opportunities to deliver the highest standards of HSE management at the lowest cost?

Contracting Models

A number of initiatives have tried to identify innovative ways of delivering decommissioning projects. There has been a cry for ‘doing things differently’, but is that happening? Are there lessons we can learn from the oil and gas sector? What can we learn from other sectors and where should the industry look?

Each workshop is designed to facilitate the discussion of ideas, technologies and new methods with a view to identifying how real efficiencies can be delivered in these areas.

To support the facilitation of the workshops, expressions of interest are invited from individuals or companies who feel they can make a direct contribution to any of the four themes. Your contribution could be as a chair, a speaker, a panellist or session organiser.

Please contact Kate Fairlie at Oil & Gas UK at by Friday, 14 September 2018 to express your interest in contributing to the workshops.