Ecosse IP Ltd

Ecosse-IP (EIP) is an innovative provider of tooling and solutions for challenging offshore installation requirements in the decommissioning sector. EIP designs, develops and deploys a range of subsea technology, which is incorporated into fully integrated solutions to address offshore challenges.

The EIP patented Ambient Lifter uses technology that is a safe, robust and highly controllable subsea lifting solution offering a cost-effective alternative to use of surface-lift vessels.

The system can be used standalone or as part of an end-to-end subsea lifting solution across a range of applications including oil and gas, subsea construction and decommissioning among other sectors.

Designed and engineered for subsea lifting, the Ambient Lifter can be deployed with remotely operated vehicles (ROV) to multiply their lift capability by a factor of 20 or deployed in different configurations to lift hundreds of thousands of tonnes.

The patented Ambient Lifter has been designed to provide operators with a cost-effective subsea lifting solution based on calculations against traditional methods the Ambient Lifter can deliver up to 40 percent saving.