Decom North Sea

Decom North Sea is the principal decommissioning membership organisation which connects capability with opportunity across the international oil and gas decommissioning industry. Our membership ranges from major international operators to single person companies. We believe that, by working together effectively, our members can secure business opportunities, while safely executing decommissioning activities and protecting the environment for future generations.


OGUK is the leading representative body for the UK offshore oil and gas industry. Our membership includes around 400 organisations with an interest in the UK’s upstream oil and gas sector. As the champions of industry, we work on behalf of our members to inform understanding, engage on a range of key issues and promote our wider value in a changing energy landscape.

Decommissioning now accounts for almost 10% of the overall expenditure in the UKCS so it plays an important role in the wider oil and gas industry. From exploration to decommissioning and located across the length and breadth of the UK, the companies we serve are critical to providing security of energy supply, support hundreds of thousands of jobs and contribute billions to the economy. As part of the natural lifecycle of an oil and gas asset, its is important that decommissioning is seen in the broader context of the industry. 


Shona Anderson, OGUK,

Aimee Aitken, Decom North Sea,