ComPower AS

We are a worldwide supplier of Aids to Navigation and UPS solutions. Our systems are module-based, service friendly and highly reliable. We have supplied to more than 90% of the platforms on the NCS. We are based in Bergen, Norway, 2 minutes away from the airport and heliport making us easily available for missions to the international onshore and offshore industry for deliveries, changes and adjustments, special products, training or emergency assistance. Our Nav Aid Solutions, specially designed for decommissioning, have been installed in the North Sea for over a decade.

Some references include: Brent Bravo & Delta, Goldeneye, Ninian North, Yme, Varg A, The Norwegian Navy, The Royal Malaysian Navy, Johan Sverdrup field centre, Johan Castberg field centre, and many more. For ConocoPhillips: 11 SCOL units for different areas, incl. Ekofisk. Norwegian, German and British sectors.