Bureau Veritas Solutions – Marine & Offshore

Bureau Veritas Solutions is a world-renowned expert in decommissioning projects. Our offer focuses on providing upfront planning and assessment services to help owners and operators develop the best decommissioning strategy for their assets. We provide a broad range of services from environmental impact assessments through to structural integrity studies, lifting plans, stakeholder management, downstream waste management assurance, safety case management of change, monitoring of recycling processes and everything in between.

The rise of decommissioning projects is presenting its share of cost, safety and compliance challenges. Let us support you;

• Ensuring full compliance to regulatory requirements at each critical stage of decommissioning
• Avoiding unforeseen surprises that can increase project risk and costs
• Putting in place the right decommissioning strategy for the right asset
• Connecting to a worldwide network of experts thanks to Bureau Veritas’ global reach
• Accessing a wealth of flexible Bureau Veritas Solutions services
• Offering a bespoke solution tailored to the decommissioning requirements