2018 Agenda

26 November 2018

19:00 – Networking Drinks Reception

19:30 – Buffet Dinner

27 November 2018 – Conference Day One

8:30 – Welcome

8:40 – Keynote Presentation

9:00 – Decommissioning in Context
Decommissioning is now a feature in the operational life of the North Sea region. This session examines the strategic context of decommissioning and aims to help delegates understand how the regulatory framework is evolving and hear industry views on the role of decommissioning in investment and divestment decision-making in a mature oil and gas region.

10:00 – Panel session: Decommissioning in Context

10:20 – Coffee and Networking Break

11:00 – North Sea Context and Perspective
Over the next decade, expenditure on decommissioning on the UKCS is predicted to amount to £1.5-2.0 billion per annum, presenting the UK supply chain with a clear opportunity to develop world-class decommissioning capabilities. This session gives a decommissioning market update along with insight into the current capability across the decommissioning supply chain in the UK.

12:20 – Panel session: North Sea Context and Perspective

12:35 – Scope, Planning and Effiency
Introduction to the post-lunch session.

12:40 Lunch and Networking Break

13:45 Break-Out Workshops: Delivering the 35% – Part One

Choose one of the following: 

A. Well Decommissioning
Well decommissioning represents proportionally the largest estimated cost across the decommissioning scope. It should therefore present the most significant cost saving opportunity. Where will these cost savings come from? Are we doing the right things to take the industry to lower cost P&A?
B. Managing Liability
Long-term liability has been cited as a blocker to innovation in both decommissioning methodologies and execution models. Strategies for managing liabilities ‘in-perpetuity’ are being discussed and plans are being developed between owners and regulators. What role does the regulation around liability influence the cost outcome? What can be done to deliver owner’s obligations for the management of liabilities? Is there a role for specific financial instruments or the insurance industry in managing the cost?
C. Operational Safety and Risk
Regardless of cost, late-life and decommissioning operations must be delivered to the highest standards of health, safety and environmental management. How is this being achieved? Are there areas of concern emerging? Where are the opportunities to deliver the highest standards of HSE management at the lowest cost?
D. Contracting Models
A number of initiatives have tried to identify innovative ways of delivering decommissioning projects. There has been a cry for ‘doing things differently’, but is that happening? Are there lessons we can learn from the oil and gas sector? What can we learn from other sectors and where should the industry look?

14:15  – All delegates to move to next chosen break-out session

14:30 – Repeat of sessions A-D listed above

15:00 – Coffee and Networking Break

15:30 Delivering the 35% – Part Two
This session will bring together the outcomes from the workshops with on-going industry-wide initiatives aimed at the cost reduction challenge. Speakers will seek to demonstrate how these initiatives are anticipated to deliver cost reductions.
The session will culminate in a facilitated panel session, where an invited panel will seek to bring together the afternoon’s work and identify where the focus for cost saving could and should be targeted.

16:50 Panel session: Delivering the 35%

17:15 – End of Day One Conference Sessions

18:30 – Pre-Gala Dinner Drinks Reception

19:00 – Gala Dinner

Pre-Dinner Speaker: Scott Meenagh, Paralympic Nordic skier

28 November 2018 – Conference Day Two

08:45 – Welcome

09:00 – Keynote Presentation Colette Cohen, Chief Executive Officer, OGTC

09:20 – Technology and Science
This session will showcase recent developments in science and technology and how such developments are improving the outcomes for decommissioning projects or will have a tangible influence going forward.

10:20 – Panel Session: Technology and Science

10:35 – Coffee and Networking Break

11:05 – Accessing a Global Market
Oil and gas decommissioning activity is increasing globally, with the UK at the forefront in many areas such as regulation, planning, project execution and technology. This session will discuss how the UK supply chain can break into the global decommissioning market, and where the export opportunities lie.

12:15 – Panel Session: Accessing a Global Market

12:30 – Lunch and Networking Break

13:30 – Decommissioning in Practice
This session serves as a platform for companies to spotlight their recent decommissioning projects and share their experience and learnings of decommissioning in practice.

14:45 – Panel Session: Decommissioning in Practice

15:00 – Conference Conclusion

15:15 – End of Conference